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Critical thinking is something that requires effort. It’s the complete assessment of information that allows an individual to observe a given problem, conceptualize it, analyse it, and devise the method to solve it. In simpler terms, it’s an ability to make judgements backed with reason.

Critical thinking involves asking questions, which can be hard for students relying on the passive approach of accepting every given information. To save them from neglecting their ability to think critically, teachers are seen as the nurturers of mind, who culture the thought process to help bear the fruit of reasoned thinking.

Though many teaching techniques have been devoted to the development of critical thinking, there are other tools that have revolutionized the world of learning by the prospects they offer.
Here are the contemporary fundamental critical thinking tools that are quite useful for fostering thinking.

YouTube For Remembrance
YouTube is one of the sensational tools that allows the teachers to upload video lectures so that the learners can have access to each critical thinking session at their ease. It also leverages the students to understand the lecture at their pace and note down the key takeaways and questions there.

MindNode For Mind mapping/Understanding
Learners tend to think when they’re trying to understand a concept or an idea. Mind Node is one such tool that helps students visualize their ideas in the form of mind maps. They can start by brainstorming an idea, organize it, and share it with their tutor.

Weebly For Application Of Idea
After brainstorming comes application of the concept, where no idea is complete without it. Whether you’re a teacher or a learner, you can use weekly to build your own blogging platform – to apply what you’ve learned.

Microsoft Visio For Analysing
Once you’ve jotted down what you understood, now’s the time for what they call ‘analysis’. A flowchart diagram tool like Microsoft Visio helps you analyse what you’ve learned so far and how that has stimulated your thinking.

Snopes For Evaluation
To determine where your analysis is leading to, you must evaluate the analysed information. The idea you can get from Snopes is the cross-examination of facts and sources and the creation of links that apply the rule of clarity and transparency of information processed.

Evernote For Creating
The last bit of the communication process is the final creation of the thought, idea, or concept that you evaluated. Taking your notes on an all-encompassing note-taking app allows you to keep track of your recent planning and production and what it contributed to.

Wrapping It Up
From remembering the information to mouthing it out, there’s a lot that goes in between. The process of critical thinking has been discussed for quite some time, which has also demanded the relevance of the tools and techniques used for teaching and learning the process of critical thinking.

In accordance with the standards of teaching critical thinking today, the tools mentioned above are the recent façade of essentials contributing to the concept of critical thinking. Once fundamentals are preserved, the tools will keep upgrading with the speed of time.