Not happy with your A Level?

January 18, 2019 Published by

The worst thing that can happen to an A-level student is not getting the marks that he has been hoping for. Not getting the desired results in A-levels can lead to the individual not being able to get into his choice of university or not having the chance to have the dream job that he has always been looking for. Every student tries his best to ensure that he is performing to the best of his abilities on the A-levels exams which would help him get the best results. However, if the student is sure that the result would not turn out to be as great as he hoped to be, there are certain things that he can do regarding it.

Be prepared

To begin with, he must be prepared. If the student is certain that he would not be able to get the required grades that he is looking for, then the best option is that he should start his preparation well advance in time. The student should create a realistic back-up plan that would help him in deciding how to move forward in preparing his work. Moreover, this would also save a lot of panic on the day of the result.

The UCAS Extra service allows students to search for courses, if they are not able to get any offers from their original choice of universities. Basically, the UCAS Extra service will help the student in preparing for additional courses that would help them in having better chances in getting into various universities.

Students also have the option to get their hands on having some sort of work experience, or travelling, which would only help them in making their mind clear and get a refreshing outlook on things.

Calm down and gather yourself

When an individual does not get the marks, he is looking for in his A levels results; he might be tempted to take all forms of risks to secure hi future. This is absolutely wrong step. The first thing that a student should do is calm down and gather himself. Not getting the desired result in A levels does not mean that it is the end of the world. The student should calm down, talk to someone that they trust and then decide the steps that should be taken next.

Research before ringing

Picking up the phone and calling just about any university to check your chances of getting into that university is a bad idea, overall. The best approach to take is to analyze the options. You have already got the results of your A levels. So the best step to take is decide which university would be best suited for you as per the results you have received. This would not only save a lot of time and energy for you by not opting for universities that are out of your league, but also ensure that you get into the right university.

Always ask for advice

Asking for advice is never a wrong step. You have parents and guardians around you who must have gone through the same situation. What better than learning from the experience of others? They would be able to guide you in the right way to decide what route you should take next. Moreover, at times, it is a good idea to talk to people because they might be able to highlight a point that you might have overlooked.

Don’t stop after one offer

There is nothing better than getting to have an offer from an esteemed university, even after not getting the desired result on your A levels. However, the right advice would be to never stop after getting one offer. It is better to explore your options and do a detailed research regarding when and where you could get into and where you would have to put in extra effort. In case, you feel that a particular offer is not as per your choice or liking, do not be afraid in saying no to them. Choose what you think is best for you and would make you happy. Then only, you will be able to score your best in your academics as well as be able to build a great career out of it.