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5 QUICK WAYS OF IMPROVING YOUR LEARNERS’ COMMUNICATION SKILLS There’s no fact denying that communication is a two-way street that requires traffic to proceed from both sides smoothly and efficiently. That sole quality makes it one of the finest skills for any living individual that needs to survive in the environment it dwells in. From […]


THE MOST ESSENTIAL CRITICAL THINKING TOOLS FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING Critical thinking is something that requires effort. It’s the complete assessment of information that allows an individual to observe a given problem, conceptualize it, analyse it, and devise the method to solve it. In simpler terms, it’s an ability to make judgements backed with reason. […]

Not happy with your A Level?

The worst thing that can happen to an A-level student is not getting the marks that he has been hoping for. Not getting the desired results in A-levels can lead to the individual not being able to get into his choice of university or not having the chance to have the dream job that he […]

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