6 Types of Academic Writing Students Must Master

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Academic writing plays a critical role in everyday life of a student, regardless of their field or area of expertise. Despite writing numerous articles every week, students find it challenging to develop their academic writing skills. This struggle isn’t only for foreign students but also for those who belong to native English-speaking countries, as they face difficulty in maintaining the standards of academic essay writing. If you’re struggling with your essay then you should let professional experts do an assignment for you than jeopardizing your grades. Students usually struggle due to lack of understanding of the following aspects.

  • Research methods
  • Formatting
  • Plagiarism
  • Purpose of research
  • Different kinds of academic writing and the content that goes into it
  • Structure of academic writing

If you can relate to the any of the above challenges, then believe us that you’re not alone. One of the most basic mistakes that students make is due to the different types of academic writing and the structure of each of these writing styles. Academic writing is a skill that is required in order to convey your thoughts and ideas coherently along with engaging in scholarly conversation. Hence, it’s a challenging task for writers to present an exceptional academic paper, which is effective as well as clear and is also well received by the readers.

Searching Do My Assignment Online? Understand the 6 Types of Academic Writing Styles

There are six main types of academic writing that we think you need to master in order to score well in your academic papers. These writing styles include narrative, persuasive, descriptive, expository, as well as analytical. Although you might find it challenging at first to meet the writing requirements of the different academic writing styles because each writing style demands a different approach. We have broken down each writing style for you in detail, so you can easily understand what goes into each style and how you can approach the different styles successfully.

1. Expository

This writing styles is considered to be one of the most common types of writing. When you write in expository style, all you’re doing is explaining a concept to your readers and imparting information to the readers from themselves or the source they have used. In addition to this, this writing style doesn’t include the opinion of the writer, but you mostly focus on accepted facts regarding a topic and use statistics or other form of evidence to support the topic. In this writing style, you seek to explain your topic. This writing style differs from the other types of writing styles, such as poetry and fiction.

The different types of writing consist of encyclopedia articles, textbooks, instruction manuals, magazine articles and newspaper, as well as essays. These essays include an introductory paragraph in which you’ll state your objective or a thesis statement along with numerous main body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph in which you’ll sum up everything.

2. Descriptive

This type of writing is mostly found in fictitious writing; however, it can also be used in non-fictitious writing as well. It generally makes appearance in the form of fictional plays or novels, description about nature, diary writing, poetry, travel guides, events, or even memoirs. In these forms, you’ll be painting in words of a thing, a place, or a person for your readers. You can also make use of metaphor or other similar literary devices for describing your impressions as well as your feelings by using your five senses, such as what you hear, taste, smell, see, or even hear.

However, you won’t have to convince your audience or explain the scene to them, you only have to describe the things as they are. This is also known as the simplest kind of academic writing with a purpose of providing information or facts to your readers. You can write a descriptive essay by creating a thesis statement and then creating an outline of your essay. You can then start writing your essay and then review it for mistakes. We understand that writing isn’t everyone’s piece of cake and if you’re struggling with getting a good essay within the required deadline, then we’d suggest that seek help by asking “do assignment for me” and let expert writers handle the rest.

3. Narrative

This type of writing is used in almost every longer piece of writing, whether it’s non-fictional or fictional. When you write in a narrative style, you’re not only focusing on imparting information to your readers, but you’re also trying to develop as well as communicate a story along with the description of settings, conflict, or characters. Narrative writing is generally characterized as fiction because it is based on imaginative stories or events that didn’t happen in reality. For writing a good narrative essay, you need to spend time effectively for structuring your paper.

The structure of a narrative essay starts by setting the scene, which is also known as exposition. The essay further unfolds to identify the problem and then rising to action for the mentioned problem. In addition to this, the climax is discussed and then a resolution is defined in the essay before it’s finished. Although there are several different forms of resolutions and conflicts that can be a part of a narrative essay, but these all generally fit into this structure in one way or another.

4. Persuasive

This is the main style of writing that you’ll be required to use in academic papers. When you write an essay and incorporate this style, you’re trying to convince your audience about your take or position regarding the specific issue. This writing style consists of your biases and opinions along with reasons and justifications as evidence of the relevancy of your belief. You should ensure that any ‘argumentative essay’ that you’ll write has to be in the form of persuasive writing style.

In this writing style, you need to support your claim by some kind of evidence and you can use published sources or research findings as references. Writing a persuasive essay requires a lot of time and brainstorming as you need to sound convincing. You can; however, seek help by asking “do my assignment” and sit back while professional writers continue with their work.

5. Analytical

University-level texts are generally not purely descriptive. Most of them are also analytical. This writing style consists of descriptive writing; however, you’re also required to re-organize the information as well as facts described in the essay. You can do this by breaking two theories used in the paper into numerous parts and analyze them separately. For making your essay analytical, you can spend time in planning out your essay and brainstorming ideas and facts. In addition to this, you can also create each paragraph and section around one of the analytical categories.

6. Critical

This writing style is common for advanced undergraduate, postgraduate, and research writing. In this writing style, you need to follow the features of persuasive writing along with the additional feature of another point of view about the topic. Hence, in critical writing you need to consider at least two point of views along with your own.

We hope that this blog has helped you in giving a clear perspective about the different writing styles. Running short on time? Then the best alternative option is to search for “do my assignment cheap” and you’ll post likely find the solution to your problem.