14 Things to Avoid While Writing Essays

November 7, 2020 Published by

Writing academic essays is a mandatory requirement in a student’s educational journey. We understand that writing isn’t an easy task; however, students are required to draft essays all the time for different subjects. Although you might be aware of the basic format and rules to form an impressive essay, yet students still make several blunders that can impact their overall grades. Writing does require expertise which comes with experience.

We believe that you still dread to show your essay to your professor because you’re uncertain of your writing abilities. Although there isn’t any universal method in which you can learn to solve all your writing mistakes therefore, here we’ve gathered a list of 14 common mistakes that can be easily be avoided if you pay attention to minor details.

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1. Being vague or too general

Most students often make this mistake as they try to review a particular subject broadly. This can cause the essay to cover a wide area, which doesn’t narrow down the subject. This is generally due to a lack of planning from student’s end. Most of them even go on writing their essays without any outline which gives birth to a vague, generic or an unclear idea for the readers. Always ensure narrowing down your topic to be clear and specific with the idea of the content.

2. Using unreliable sources

Students generally rely on the internet over a book in order to search for data and information. Although the use of the internet is beneficial for students as the information is just a few clicks away but finding the reliable sources is a challenge. The wide information on the internet comes from different sources in which several sites are authentic and most of them aren’t credible. That is why, you must be smart, search your topic extensively and only gather information from reliable sources for your research. Adding unreliable sources can jeopardize you’re a grade.

3. Using ‘slang’ wording

If you’re writing a creative piece, then using Standard English is acceptable, but it majorly depends on what you’re writing. On the other hand, freestyle writing isn’t considered to be acceptable in academic papers which includes usage of slang words. You hurt the overall impression of your essay by using such languages. Therefore, you must be careful when writing an academic essay.

4. Not following task specifications

This can be the biggest mistake that can negatively affect your grades. It doesn’t matter if you’ve written a great essay with thorough research, if you’ve not followed the specifications, your write-up will have compliance issues for your professor. To avoid this, you need to read the prompt instructions very carefully. You also need to consider aspects, such as word count, questions, referencing style, spacing and others. You’ve to think through this in your planning stage and ensure that you include everything. If you’re struggling to follow these specifications, you can seek help from the cheapest custom essay writing services to meet the requirements.

5. Not researching properly

If you’ve not researched your topic properly, then it becomes unclear to your readers. As a result of this, your essay will sound vague. Hence, you need to do in-depth research to make sure that your readers can understand your topic and the purpose of your research. To avoid this, you need to make sure that you give yourself a good amount of time to conduct proper research. In this way, your readers will get a clear idea of what you’re trying to convey in your essay. If you fail to research properly, then all your efforts will go in vain. So we suggest that you hire cheap custom essay writers as they can conduct thorough research for your paper if you’re unsure to do it appropriately.

6. No thesis statement

In almost every academic research paper, you’ll be required to present a clear thesis statement that’ll show your readers what they can expect in the essay. A thesis statement is an outline of what you’ll be addressing in your essay. A strong thesis statement allows your reader to understand the main topic of your essay along with its purpose as well as the ideas that you’ve discussed in the paper. Additionally, a good thesis statement is considered to be a vital part of writing an excellent essay.

7. Repeating the introduction

Most students repeat the introduction of their essays in the conclusion. The ending isn’t a section to reiterate your introduction in different words. Rather than just repeating what you’ve already stated in the introduction, you need to give some concluding remarks in this section, where you’ll summarize your entire essay.

8. Creating a hard-to-read essay

Students think that if they write a hard-to-read essay, the professor would be impressed by their use of vocabulary and structure. Most of them mistake the competence of writing a good essay with writing a complicated structure. Professors want students to adhere with the guidelines rather than using hard-to-understand language. They only want students to present the message clearly in simple English which is easier to read and understand.

9. Incorrect formatting

Students generally tend to skip this aspect because they believe that the essay is mostly about crafting the content. However, you shouldn’t overlook the formatting details because if you do, then your content won’t matter. If your essay isn’t presentable, then it’s generally seen as a bad one. You can avoid this by choosing a proper formatting style or as given by your professor.

10. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is regarded as cheating and no professor would allow this in their research paper. In order to avoid plagiarizing content, you can reference the sources that you’ve used and acknowledged the original author. Moreover, you should also make sure that the ideas that you’ve used aren’t copied from different sources and they must be paraphrased.

11. Lack of transition between paragraphs

As each paragraph demonstrates a different thought, you need to make sure that they are formatted in such a way. However, we don’t mean that they should sound like different pieces of entirely different essays. So you have to ensure that you’re using transitions between the paragraphs, which will make your essay well-connected, organized and coherent.

12. Using too many quotations

You’re expected to demonstrate your understanding of the topic as well as the research that you’ve done for supporting your argument. By overusing quotes, you’ll undermine your understanding of the topic. Although you should use quotes at times and only then you should back up your arguments.

13. Using contractions

Students don’t generally know that contractions should be avoided in your essay. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You only have to separate the two words to make your writing sound more professional.

14. Forgetting to proofread

Although this is considered to be a significant step in writing a great essay, but this is generally overlooked by students. Proofreading your essay enables you to identify your mistakes and take a look for spotting areas of confusion. You can also ask others to take a look at your essay as they can check your errors from a different perspective. If you don’t have anyone to proofread your essay, you can consult cheap essay writing services to do this for you.

We hope that the common mistakes that we’ve highlighted in this blog can help you in writing a strong and effective essay. Although essay writing requires a lot of time as you’ve to conduct thorough research along with focusing on your writing skills and other important aspects mentioned above. But if you’re running out of time and your essay is due within a few days, then we suggest that you should hire cheap custom essays in 24 hours because these services offer assignment help in a short notice period.